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I’m Ingrid, a Norwegian Graphic Designer & Art Director.

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in Australia ūüĆŅ

Ingrid is a Designer from Fredrikstad, Norway. She studied Graphic Design and Art Direction at the Norwegian School of Creativity in Oslo and Nuova Academia di Belle Arti in Milan, she has worked freelancer in both fields parallel to her studies. From late 2015 Рearly 2017, Ingrid was Chief Graphic Designer & Art Director at P D PAOLA, an online Jewelry brand founded in 2014 in Barcelona.

Throughout all her time at P D PAOLA, she was actively participating and contributing to the company’s growth. Since the very beginning, Ingrid showed excellent communication skills and consistently exceeded the company’s expectations. Not only was she a very valuable asset to the company as a creative profile, but she continuously showed business vision and understanding by being very proactive on different marketing ideas we could explore. She’s very charismatic, hard worker and well-spoken, and she was one of the team leaders as the company started to grow. All these qualities have served her well in her role as an Chief Graphic Designer & Art Director.

” Ingrid is¬†rich in sensitivity and curiosity, and gifted with a talent and imagination. Ingrid has all the potential to become an expert in Graphic Design & Visual Communication. She has grown to master challenges within the field, with an ¬ęeye¬Ľ for the contemporary landscape of communication in different media both digital and print. “

– Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, Milano